How to Order Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are memorable, enticing, and versatile. Since the early 1930’s, these coins have been used to strengthen bonds, inspire success, and promote friendships. For so many decades, the military has used challenge coins to raise funds and awareness, educate the public with regard to important issues, and pay respect to outstanding individuals in the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines.


Challenge coins are traditionally circular in shape and are made with gold or certain base metals, such as brass, silver, bronze, or copper. They can be soft or hard enamel with an epoxy coating or printed inset. Usually, they also have images, colors, and imprinted phrases. In general, there are a couple of ways on how to produce these coins: with a die struck bronze or brass or with a zinc alloy casting.

If you wish to order custom challenge coins, you have to know that their prices can vary depending on how they are made. For instance, coins with die struck bronze or brass are more expens ive that those in zinc alloy castings. Hard enamel coins are also more expensive compared to soft enamel coins. If you are on a budget, you can order challenge coins that are made with low cost metals.

The price of your custom challenge coins does not really matter as long as the coins can withstand external factors and endure over time. See to it that you also focus on the vital factors of challenge coins, such as the symbolism, theme, color, uniqueness, and style. The theme of your coins should represent your organization properly. They should also include the name of your organization as well as your emblem.

You should also check out the edging and the finishes of your custom challenge coins. Most challenge coins have a flat edging and a polished flank. However, if you want to upgrade yours for a swirl cut, double diamond, diamond cut, pedal wedge, or wave cut edging, you may need to pay more. You can have the edging finished in gold or in the same electroplating as your challenge coins.

When the die is struck, the challenge coins are electroplated with their permanent finish. Usually, manufacturers offer silver, gold, and nickel plating for free. If you do not mind spending more money for the finish, you can have your coins plated in black nickel, black dye, or antique silver, copper, or brass. You can also have them dual plated if you want certain areas to stand out. You can even have these areas electroplated in different colors.

What’s more, you can order 3D challenge coins. Challenge coins are usually just 2D. They are made with 2D or two-dimensional metal lines that are raised at a ninety-degree angle. Such lines are the dams in which the paint colors are poured. So if you really want your custom challenge coins to stand out, you can have them made with a 3D or three-dimensional mold that is either generated by a computer or carved by hand. 3D challenge coins look like miniature sculptures.

You can also order die cut challenge coins. These custom challenge coins are not circular in shape. They usually come in the shape of ovals, dog tags, and shields among others. They can even be shaped like the different states. If you want a special die cut, your coins will have an opening cut through them. If you prefer something more creative, you can also have your challenge coins cut like bottle openers.

Challenge coin bottle openers look like standard challenge coins, except that they have a hole in the middle to serve as a bottle opener. These coins are really cool. You can use them to give away as favors, gifts, or promotional items.