Types of Golf Bags and their Features

The following are the information, benefits and some drawbacks of the different types of golf bags.

•Staff bags

Staff bags are designed for professional golfers with caddy’s or those who are in need of bags with specialized pockets and space for clubs. They are made up of high quality materials that tend to make them bulky.

These bags are very suitable for golfers who are in need of extra space for the complete set of clubs. The good thing about these bags is that they have lots of pockets that are advantageous in separating space to protect each club.

Staff bags weigh around ten pounds, making them heavier for the golfer to carry especially for an 18-hole game.

•Stand bags

Golf bagsStand golf bags are designed for golfers who always carry bags when golfing. They are made up of synthetic-type materials that are durable and lightweight. They also have a stand, which is built-in to provide support in the bags to stand upright.

There are two options for carrying this type of bag. The first one is the single strap. It is a padded strap, which is attached to a bag and putting around the golfer’s shoulder. The other one is called dual strap. Straps vary in the materials used – from synthetic soft materials, to gel-padded with high quality, or compartments filled with air. Dual straps are designed to put the full weight of the bags across the back unlike single strap that leaves strap on a shoulder.

The golf bag stands help golfers save their time and offer convenience in carrying clubs. These two stand-alone legs automatically release when golf bags are put on the ground. The stands help the bags on balance at an angle. With that feature, golfers have now easy to their clubs.

•Cart bags

Cart bag is an alternative choice instead of carrying golf bag. These bags are bigger and larger compared to the stand-up bags that are advantageous to the golfer in terms of carrying the full weight of bags. These are also suitable for lady golfers or the seniors who still have passion for golf. Bags are designed for golf cart or trolley.

Cart bags give easy access to the player due to the specialized pockets on one side of the bags. This type of bag is more rigid compared to the stand bag because it has a plastic inner lining that offers hard wearing and resistant to water. Cart bag also has a non-slip rubber base to prevent from sliding off.

•Travel golf bag and covers

This type is actually not a golf bag. They are just covers that protect and enclose the golf bag and golf clubs while on travel. The covers have features such as padded top and padded handles for easy transfer from one place to the other. They also feature additional pockets for extra storage of some accessories.

•Pencil bags

These bags have become popular carry bags nowadays. These bags are lighter and thinner-featured carry bags that offer top with six inches diameter and can easily hold 14 clubs.

•Additional golf bags

Ball bags are mainly used by golfers to collect balls on the green during practice. They are smaller golf bags that carry many balls and can easily store in a locker or car boot. There is a type of ball bag called “shag bag” which has a funnel used in collecting balls by placing over the funnel.

A shoe bag is obviously a bag that carries a golfer’s shoes to the green. Since it is small, it is possible to store it in the car boot. This type of bag is handy, which also makes it an excellent gift for co-golfers.

Custom Lanyards: Why they are a Great Fundraising Product?

Whether you are raising funds for your church or for a charity, custom lanyards will never let you down. Young ones like lanyards and even adults wear lanyards sometimes. Your target customers are definitely wide with this item. Here are other reasons why colorful lanyards are great fundraising products.

Lanyards are Affordable

Fundraisings are those rare events wherein people would be willing to pay a high amount just to help those in need. However, people love to buy affordable things. When someone is compelled to choose between a $10 lanyard and a $100 jacket to help the “Kids in Need,” he or she is likely to purchase a lanyard. It is the same act: buying something to help out.

Custom LanyardsIn addition, custom lanyards are cheap to produce, making them ideal for fundraisers. A piece of lanyard can usually be customized for less than $1. In short, you need a small capital yet this item gives you a large profit margin. It is a great choice, if not an inclusion, for fundraisings as it helps you profit, which is the main goal in the event.

Lanyards can be a Group Thing

Lanyards are great choices for a fundraising product if many children and teens will be attending with the intention to buy. Most groups of friends love to have something in common. They like to have similar caps, the same jackets, and identical bags. Lanyards can be a group thing; a group of friends can use it to tell everyone that they are friends.

Lanyards can be Given as Gifts

People like to give. Lanyards for sale in a fundraising event gives people a chance to buy to help and have something that they can give to their family and friends. People like to give and receive gifts, so you are doing everyone a favor by having nicely designed lanyards at your fundraising booth.

Lanyards can be Made from Eco-Friendly Materials

Lanyards are usually made from cotton. There are also lanyards that are made from recycled PET plastic. Environmental advocates will love to buy something that supports their cause. Have a thousand of custom lanyards in various designs for the fundraising event and create a sign telling everyone that your items are eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic. Anyone who wants to help keep the environment sustainable would thank you for it.

Lanyards are Available in Various Designs

Custom LanyardSometimes, it is difficult to think of fundraising products. When you have come to a point where you can no longer sleep at night because you haven’t thought of a good item to sell at your booth, worry no more. Go to a reliable custom lanyard maker and order enough to reach your target fundraising amount. You can even choose various designs so your buyers will have plenty to choose from. Have lanyards with cartoon designs for the children and professionally looking ones for working individuals. Have music-themed or season-based designs. You may even have patriotic custom lanyards.

If you will be having a fundraising event for your organization or club, then be sure to have some charming lanyards at your stall. Lanyards are great items. They require little capital. You can have 100 personalized lanyards for $30 to $50. They can be a group thing, so expect to sell several lanyards at once. They can also be given as gifts, so someone may buy a couple of lanyards to be given to his family and friends.

You can also add environmentalists to your target customers if you have lanyards made from recycled plastic. Be sure to have lanyards available in various designs, so your customers will have enough options. With custom lanyards and other personalized items, your fundraising will surely be a success.

Lanyards and The Benefits They Bring to the Society

Lanyards are neck accessories used to hang small objects like mobile phones and identification cards. They can be made by weaving cords or using fibers like nylon and polyester. Most people see them as merely accessories but they also play a role in helping various societies. Here are some of the good things that they bring to mankind that most people don’t realize.

Will Help You Express Yourself

Since they can be customized according to the client’s preference, they can be used as tools to express oneself. They are not just accessories that you can use at work or in school, because they can be used by fans of musicians and sport teams to show care and support to their idols. Lanyards that feature special quotes can also be worn by people who want to be motivated in the things that they can do.

Binds People Together

LanyardAnother thing that lanyards can do for people that the majority don’t realize is that, they can gather and unite them. Wearing a company lanyard can be a way  of showing loyalty to the company. It can also help you show that you’re a team player who’s ready to help co-workers in speeding up company operations. If employees are not wearing their company neck ropes, it will be hard to say they are united and loyal to the company.

Can Capture Memories

These items can also capture important events in your life. You can customize  them for special occasions like birthdays, clan reunions or weddings. Keeping and wearing a customized lanyard can be a way to show that you care about that occasion and it’s a proof that you participated on that special day. Lanyards are perfect souvenirs because they are more durable and useful compared to cards and posters.To know more about different applications of lanyards you must go through site the-lanyard-factory.com.

Gives A Sense of Security

Aside from being used for attaching things, they can give you a sense of security. Wearing them in school or at work can speed up identification or security checks. Producing a uniform company lanyard will help in ensuring the safety of workers. Having these accessories will prevent trespassers from entering company buildings. These neck ropes will prove that every employee underwent an inspection. Even tour guides can use these cords to prevent tourists from getting lost while on tour. It will be easy for them to group tourists with the help of color-coded lanyards.

Used in Promoting Causes

LanyardsThese neck cords can also be utilized to promote causes. They can be used to raise awareness about a certain disease or a social issue. Clients can design one for breast cancer or anti-corruption advocates. These items can also be utilized as campaign materials for elections and for fundraising activities to support victims of certain problems. Political candidates can use them to explain platforms and market themselves to voters. These simple, taken-for-granted neck ropes can even help them win the elections. Putting inspirational slogans or quotes on these customized items will surely cheer up sad people.

Legitimizes Company Operations

A lanyard can also show that a company is legitimate. Having a customized accessory can imply that a certain business exerts effort in making the company more stable.

Can Contribute in Advertising Brands

These neck accessories can also contribute in making certain brands more well-known to the public. They can be used for advertising products made by brands that want to be recognized worldwide. Even theme parks and museums can use these items to promote their attractions to people. People won’t simply throw these things away compared to leaflets and brochures. These personalized neck accessories can be helpful in product name recall.

What Makes Great Keynote Speakers

When one hears a great, moving keynote speech, he remembers it. Who could forget the very words and stories of a speaker who delivers a kick-ass keynote? The audience will laugh at every joke told, relate with the experiences shared, and will be informed and entertained at the same time. The thing is, not only world-class keynote speakers can wow people with their talk. With practice, confidence, and some tips from the experienced, one’s keynote speech will end up a success.

What do great keynote speakers have in them? First, they recognize their audience. Think about how different it would be to catch the attention of high school students from that of working professionals. A good speaker knows just what to say to connect to his audience, and to do so, he must first recognize them. Listeners decide if a speech is worth listening to in the first five minutes (unless the speaker wants it quirky, makes it boring then finishes off really surprising). If one fails to establish his rapport in these initial moments, the audience will most likely be half-listening and doing their own stuff. Yes, that can’t be truer.

After the first impression thing, speakers should know the underlying purpose of their speech. Should they be boosting people’s morale or convincing them to a cause? Should they say encouraging words or raise awareness on a specific event? Bottom line is: they should know the core. Great speakers understand with their heart what they are about to talk to in front of people. “Just reading” from a cheat sheet is a strict no-no. Some do well with outlines to keep their speech on track. Prepared written words would be helpful, but it’s usually the unrehearsed stuff that really strikes people.

Here’s another: good speakers can communicate their thoughts in the best way possible. They do not stammer, speak too fast, or resist eye contact with listeners all throughout the speech. This one’s really tough, but someone has to be confident on stage first before he can successfully deliver a keynote speech. Confidence doesn’t always have to be practiced. One should just walk into a room, recognize that he’s prepared and all, and not doubt himself. It’s common notion that eye contact between that speaker and his audience is necessary in all kinds of speeches. Good speakers follow that; otherwise, it would have been uneasy the whole time. Eye contact makes listeners feel more connected and it breaks the ice between them and the speaker. Also, speakers should try to pace around the stage (not in the nervous manner, no) while talking. Who would want to listen to a stiff, talking stick? No one. Move around a little bit because it stimulates attention.

Keynote speakerKeynote speakers should also know how to deal with organizers. The event’s success should always be prioritized however great their ideas are. They should evoke a warm and inspiring tone when talking, not an arrogant one. Definitely, as too much self-pride will only cause tension and not a successful speech. They are interested in other people. They pay close attention to others, because this will teach them what to say and what not to say.

Lastly, great keynote speakers mark an impression. It is where they get remembered for. The single speech one hears may not change his life forever, but it sure leaves an imprint. That is the goal of all speeches – be able to draw its listeners to lasting ideas. People will not remember all the details of the stories a speaker shares, or the bullet points on his slides. What really sticks is that one central impression the speaker left them. One doesn’t have to be great first before he gives a speech; it is in his very speech that he earns greatness.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing Article Writing To A Professional

Right now there are a lot of people caught up in the idea of DIY. This acronym means “do it yourself”, and it’s not something that is going away. Millions of people are stuck in this vise of sorts. You may find that you’re stuck there too, especially if you are not outsourcing any article writing to a professional. Without a professional taking over the reins of this, you are going to see diminished return on your investments, and you may not see the traffic you’d like to move forward with come through with relative ease.

Consider the following reasons why you may want to hire someone to take over, instead of getting trapped in a cycle of DIY.

Constant Updating

Article writingThe first is simple, hiring an article writing professional means constant updates. You will be able to update several pieces to directories, or your own site fast. If you order packages of 10 or even 20 articles, you could have multiple days of publishing. This gives the general audience the idea that you are publishing on a regular basis. Without that, you are going to find that the traffic you receive may not be quite as high as you’d like it to be. Too often, people end up missing out on the greater good that comes with their influence, because they don’t update nearly as often. This fixes that.

Attention To Keywords

Another reason you’ll want to get a professional is in regards to keyword placement. Your keywords are what will give you relevancy within search results. As people search for content, you will be able to provide them with specific information that will pay off dividends. Don’t allow yourself to miss this overall. As you publish articles, your keyword strength will rise to a point where you’ll be able to take on any major niche. This may not have a set number, but it’s definitely part of the bigger issue of article writing.

Implementing Expertise (Subject Matter)

For those that aren’t familiar with certain areas of expertise, hiring a good writer can change that. They can do the research for you, and craft authorities work on the subject. This can translate into a positive thing amidst smart readers that you may be marketing to. This is something that most people don’t really understand at first glance. It’s a positive push forward, and something that will definitely pay off down the line. If you don’t know how to frame the expertise that you have, or you aren’t sure what to work with, professionals can formulate a plan of action.

Maximum Efficiency

There’s nothing as efficient as having a professional do your writing. Article writers are able to craft 500 words within a matter of minutes. On average, that’s going to be far faster than you may be able to write. Think of these scribes as professional sports players. Not everyone can hit a 90 mile per hour fast ball. So would you put someone that hasn’t been ranked in the major leagues up to bat in the World Series? Of course not! The same can be said about marketing and SEO. You want someone to work within the confines of professional efficiency, so that you are able to continue marketing on your own terms.

Cost Effective

Of all the reasons that you will be looking into, you’re going to find that this is a special solution. Having article writing done is a cost effective option. It means that you will not be wasting your precious time creating content. Remember the old adage, time is money. That means your time will not be wasted, and you can move forward with whatever it is you want to do with SEO and beyond. You’ll have this as a backup system to whatever else you’re doing within the banner of marketing.

Competitive Edge

As far as competing with others, article writing services can help you out. You may not be able to tackle some of the giants online, but you will be able to move forward. As you look at your competitors, make sure that you look at how they are working with internet marketing. As you see what they are doing, double up your efforts. If you can outpace them in terms of article publishing, you could see huge results. It’s there that you are going to see a major difference in what your conversion rates, and unique traffic numbers.

Search Engine Optimization Simplified

If nothing else, you will find that hiring someone to work within article marketing will help simplify SEO. Instead of slaving over the minor details, you can throw a large proverbial net. By casting a wide net, you will be able to get a lot of traffic to you from various sources. This is a good thing in the long term. Simplifying optimization solutions will help you rank higher, get more attention to your site, and finally succeed in crowded marketplaces.

Article Writing staff is trained from the beginning to write a article that is well researched, keeps the reader interested, and makes your business stand out above the rest.

How to Order Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are memorable, enticing, and versatile. Since the early 1930’s, these coins have been used to strengthen bonds, inspire success, and promote friendships. For so many decades, the military has used challenge coins to raise funds and awareness, educate the public with regard to important issues, and pay respect to outstanding individuals in the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines.


Challenge coins are traditionally circular in shape and are made with gold or certain base metals, such as brass, silver, bronze, or copper. They can be soft or hard enamel with an epoxy coating or printed inset. Usually, they also have images, colors, and imprinted phrases. In general, there are a couple of ways on how to produce these coins: with a die struck bronze or brass or with a zinc alloy casting.

If you wish to order custom challenge coins, you have to know that their prices can vary depending on how they are made. For instance, coins with die struck bronze or brass are more expens ive that those in zinc alloy castings. Hard enamel coins are also more expensive compared to soft enamel coins. If you are on a budget, you can order challenge coins that are made with low cost metals.

The price of your custom challenge coins does not really matter as long as the coins can withstand external factors and endure over time. See to it that you also focus on the vital factors of challenge coins, such as the symbolism, theme, color, uniqueness, and style. The theme of your coins should represent your organization properly. They should also include the name of your organization as well as your emblem.

You should also check out the edging and the finishes of your custom challenge coins. Most challenge coins have a flat edging and a polished flank. However, if you want to upgrade yours for a swirl cut, double diamond, diamond cut, pedal wedge, or wave cut edging, you may need to pay more. You can have the edging finished in gold or in the same electroplating as your challenge coins.

When the die is struck, the challenge coins are electroplated with their permanent finish. Usually, manufacturers offer silver, gold, and nickel plating for free. If you do not mind spending more money for the finish, you can have your coins plated in black nickel, black dye, or antique silver, copper, or brass. You can also have them dual plated if you want certain areas to stand out. You can even have these areas electroplated in different colors.

What’s more, you can order 3D challenge coins. Challenge coins are usually just 2D. They are made with 2D or two-dimensional metal lines that are raised at a ninety-degree angle. Such lines are the dams in which the paint colors are poured. So if you really want your custom challenge coins to stand out, you can have them made with a 3D or three-dimensional mold that is either generated by a computer or carved by hand. 3D challenge coins look like miniature sculptures.

You can also order die cut challenge coins. These custom challenge coins are not circular in shape. They usually come in the shape of ovals, dog tags, and shields among others. They can even be shaped like the different states. If you want a special die cut, your coins will have an opening cut through them. If you prefer something more creative, you can also have your challenge coins cut like bottle openers.

Challenge coin bottle openers look like standard challenge coins, except that they have a hole in the middle to serve as a bottle opener. These coins are really cool. You can use them to give away as favors, gifts, or promotional items.